Sydney’s Leading Property Management Company with Best Property Managers

PROPERTICO is a full-time best and cheap property management Sydney company that is committed to maximising investment returns and building wealth for our clients. We use a structured, results-focused management process that has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of rental property owners. Our family of happy investors can attest that we provide the most dependable, professional rental around.

Better Pricing - $30 per week

We truly save you money. Stop paying hefty percentages of your rental income. Our property management fee is fixed at $30 per week, regardless of the rent you charge. Nice and simple.


Just Property Management

We are not your average real estate company. Managing rental properties is not our side job or additional income stream—it’s our entire business! Unlike our competitors who are sales focused agents.

Better Communication

You’ll only deal with one person – your Best Property Manager. This ensures clear communication and the best outcome for your investment property.


Try Before You Buy

Want assurance before you buy? Try our comprehensive services and best property manager for three months and see what we can offer. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund all of your property management fees with no questions asked.

Our Service Guarantee

We are proud to offer the most reliable and cheap property management services around Sydney! There’s no need for you to worry about sorting out tenancy problems on your own. Our structured, tested management system was designed to handle common tenancy issues as efficiently as possible.

Great Tenants

Find Great Tenants

We use integrated, targeted marketing campaigns to attract ideal tenants. Since your property receives wide exposure with our best property managers throughout Sydney and its suburbs, you will be able to choose from a large pool of tenants.

Maximize Returns

Our “zero tolerance” direct debit collection process gives us total control over the rent payment process. We also regularly monitor rental levels and initiate rental reviews to ensure that your property generates maximum cash flow.

Maximize returns
Property Inspection

Detailed Property Inspections

We provide comprehensive property inspections and send you a report. We make sure your property is being well maintained.

Easy Takeover Process

Are you ready to make the switch from your current property management agency? Contact us for our cheap and best property management services. We have developed a seamless takeover process. Just give us a call to get started.

Sydney’s Leading Property Management Company
Sydney’s Leading Property Management Company

Over 70% of our tenants stay with us longer than the term

We never look down on our tenants. We treat every tenant like our family and they love us for that


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John Dengate Builder

I have been in the construction industry from 1968 with over 600 homes completed. After some investigating I decided it may be a good idea to involve myself with Martin’s business and the business relationship we have has been beneficial to my house construction. The transactions we have been involved in has all gone along very smoothly and I’m receiving continues leads & contacts of clients interested in my homes.

Sue Ora Property Investor

Martin. when every agent gave up You were the only one with your ,determination, your positive thinking, your honesty and trust. your understanding and ability to make everything possible. You made sure i had nothing to worry and you had everything under control so i can have a good night slip. You Kept every promise you made to me.  I have told you over and over  that  you are not only an Agent  but for me you were a Angel send from haven. Martin my experiences working with you left me with unforgettable memories and i can only say I Have No Words to describe it, except to say that this world needs more people like you. i fill so fortunate meting you…

Ricky and Tracey Property Investors

Martin was very helpful with everything from looking at properties more than 1, organized going and looking at the properties, and helped us with rental side as we bought property for investment. Any questions we had he was always helpful with us or organized someone to help us…

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