How long will it take to find a tenant?

Our current average time to lease is less than 10 days, although this can vary depending on the condition of the market. We use a targeted,aggressive marketing system that attracts a high number of eligible tenants in a short period of time.

What is the length of the average tenancy?

Most of our tenancy agreements extend for six to twelve months.

What tenancy documentation is required?

  1. Statutory Tenancy Agreement
  2. Statutory Premises Condition Report
  3. Rental Bond Lodgement Form.
  4. New Tenant Checklist (courtesy of the NSW Office of Fair Trading)

May I give you some special instructions?

Yes, as long as they are lawful. Any special instructions should be specified in the Management Agency Agreement or submitted to us in writing for approval.

If the tenant has a pet, can I ask for an extra bond?

No, charging extra bonds is illegal under NSW law.

What keys must be supplied to the tenant?

A full set of keys (including keys to external doors, windows, garages, and letterboxes) must be provided to all tenants listed in the Tenancy Agreement. You will also need to provide us with a master set to be held at our office. Any additional key cutting is at your expense.

What about smoke alarms, light globes and tap washers?

You are obligated to fix faulty tap washers and provide working smoke alarms and light globes before your tenants move in. After their tenancy begins, your tenant assume responsibility for replacing smoke alarm batteries and light globes. We recommend that you hire professionals to perform functionality checks on smoke alarms.

If the property is a house, who is responsible for maintaining the lawns and gardens?

Unless otherwise agreed, the tenant is responsible to maintain the lawns and gardens to the standard they were given at the start of the tenancy.

If the property is provided with watering systems these need to be working and kept maintained during the tenancy.

How can I terminate the tenancy?

You may terminate a tenancy in three ways:

  • By giving your tenant 30 daysnotice to end the tenancy at the expiration of the fixed term
  • By giving your tenant 90 daysnotice to end their continuing tenancy at any time after the fixed term has ended
  • In event of a breach of the tenancy agreement or at least 14 days in arrears of rent, by serving the tenant with a 14 day termination notice

Who pays for damage?

If your property incurs any damage that is not considered standardwear and tear,” then the bond deduction should be sufficient to cover any repairs. When it is not, you may take action against the tenant in the Tribunal or file a claim with your landlord protection insurance.

What do I do if I misplace a rent statement?

To reprint a rent statement, please visit our website and use your owner login user name and password. You will be able to locate the appropriate statement on our portal. Your property manager can also send you a copy of the replacement statement.

Do I need an insurance policy?

Traditional home insurance will not protect against rentalspecific concerns like loss of rent, accidental damage, or tenant hardship. Therefore, we recommend that you take out a comprehensive landlord insurance policy.

How do you determine optimum rent?

Taking into consideration market conditions, we will always attempt to find them aximumrent possible. Here are some of the factors that we take into account:
● Demand: Aflooded marketor seasonal changes can affect the level of demand forrental properties.
● Availability: Thecost, location, and a menities of competitive rental properties can affectthe
● Presentation: The way that a property is presented, marketed, and shown also has a significant impact on its price.
It can be tempting for property owners to calculate market rent by looking at the cost of maintaining the property, by adding together their water rates, insurance rates, and loan payments. In the end, however, it is the market demand that determines rental prices. It is best to set a sensible rent that prospective tenants will find feasible and begin renting immediately than to set a high number, leave the property vacant for longer time, and cost yourself thousands.

Do you guarantee the tenant?

It is impossible for us to completely guarantee a tenant, but we use a thorough screening procedure and our years of management expertise to confirm their ability to pay rent and take care of the property. It is the tenants decision to pay their rent and maintain the property. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase landlord protection insurance to protect yourself against unnecessary risk.

Who signs the tenancy documentation?

This decision is yours, but we usually sign tenancy documentation on your behalf and send you copies.

If I allow a pet at my property, what expectations will be given to the tenant regarding the pet?

If you decide to permit pets, we will provide the tenant with strict written conditions, including that:

  • Any bothersome pets must be removed from the property after a written warning
  • Tenants are responsible for pet damage
  • Tenants must professionally fumigate the property and clean the carpets before vacating

What happens when the Tenancy Agreement expires?

Unless otherwise specified, the Tenancy Agreement will continue. Both you and your tenant are required to give notice before terminating the agreement. Tenants must alert you at least 21 days in advance, while property owners must give a minimum of 90 days notice.

We usually request that tenants renew their agreements for another fixed term, but they are not required to do so.

What if the tenant wants the locks changed?

If your tenant wishes to modify or alter the existing locks, they must obtain your consent and pay all costs. They are obligated to provide you with a copy of the new keys.

Who pays for water usage?

If there is no individual meter for the rented premises, as in the case of blocks of older style units, a tenant cannot be changed for water usage.

However, the tenant is responsible for any cost of water used during the tenancy if the property has an individual water meter and has legally prescribed water efficiency devices.

It should be noted though that Sydney Water requires that water availability and usage accounts must be paid in full by the owner of the property. We then request reimbursement from the tenant for the water usage component of the account.

Can I inspect the property whenever I like?

As long as the tenant is given a minimum of 7 days notice. You will be limited to no more than 4 inspections in 12-month period.

Can a tenant break the Tenancy Agreement?

Residential Tenancy Agreements are legally binding contracts. However, if a tenant wishes to break the Agreement and vacate the property before the fixed term expires, the tenant is responsible for the following:

  • rent until the date a new tenant takes over the property, or until the fixed term expires (whichever happens first)
  • any agreed advertising costs
  • the owners costs of a letting fee.

It is important to note that the owner/agent must make reasonable efforts to minimise any potential losses the tenant may suffer in this situation.

What should I do if my contact or payment information changes?

You are obligated to notify us in writing as soon as possible.

What happens to any mail that comes addressed to me at the property?

We recommend that you request Australia Post redirect your mail. Although it is a tenants responsibility to forward any mail to you, they do not always follow through.