• Propertico is a member of the National Tenancy Databases (Trading Reference Australia and Tenancy Information Centre Australia). Any information provided by you on your application may be passed on to the Tenancy Databases in the event of a default. By completing a tenancy application, you are authorising Propertico to conduct an enquiry with the tenancy database.
  • When completing your application, we request that you answer all questions to the best of your ability. Should false information be provided, your application will be rejected.
  • No application will be considered unless the tenant has completed a thorough physical inspection of the property.
  • We require sufficient supporting documents to accompany your application. The full list of such documents can be found on our application page.
  • Upon approval of your application, a holding deposit equivalent to one (1) week’s rent will be required. Payment can be made by EFTPOS. The property will not be taken off our rental list until a holding deposit is paid.
  • Upon approval, a copy of the completed application form will be provided to the landlord for his / her records.
  • Propertico does not accept cash in any circumstances. All monies (except the Rental Bond) can be paid by EFTPOS. All rent payments are processed through a direct debit.
  • All parties that are to sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement must attend at the appointed time. No keys will be issued unless all parties have executed the agreement and all rent/bond monies have been paid.
  • Once direct debit arrangements have been put into place for the payment of your rent, they cannot be altered without our express approval. Your rent will be deducted from your nominated account on Thursday each week. If your account has insufficient funds to meet the rent payment, your account will be debited with a dishonour fee by your bank or credit union. This fee is most commonly an amount of up to $60.00. In addition, a fee of $25.00 will be levied by our office to cover the costs involved in correcting your ledger.
  • When attending the above appointment to sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement, is imperative that you provide an original bank statement relating to the account from which rent will be debited each week.

Before attending your appointment to sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement, you must pay your Rental Bond by direct credit online to Rental Bonds Online. Your bond is usually the equivalent of four (4) weeks rent. Until you pay your bond, you cannot sign your lease or take up residency in your property.

When paying your Rental Bond, we advise you not to use BPay, since this process often takes several days. Instead, we recommend payment by Visa card or Mastercard, as these payments appear overnight.

At the time that you sign your Residential Tenancy Agreement, you will need to pay an additional one (1) week’s rent. This payment can be made by EFTPOS.