Preparing Your Property For Rent

If you’re looking to put a rental property on the market, then you’re probably wondering how to find reliable, quality tenants. Our research shows that presenting your property in a neat, organised fashion attracts the type of tenants who are likely to maintain your rental agreements and keep your property in good condition. Read on to discover some of the tips we’ve discovered during our time as one of the most trusted property management agencies in Sydney!

Smoke Alarms

As landlord, you are required to ensure that smoke alarms are in working condition when your tenants arrive. You can read about smoke alarm requirements here.

Swimming Pools

Tenants are responsible for purchasing pool chemicals and cleaning the pool, but we recommend that landlords include a professional pool maintenance fee in the rental calculations. This swimming pool checklist can help you determine whether your pool fence complies with council regulations

Water Efficiency

All NSW rental properties must meet minimum standards of water efficiency if the landlord wishes to charge tenants for water usage. We have qualified plumbers who are available to offer a water efficiency audit and issue a compliance certificate. For more information, please contact your property manager or visit this website.

Pest Control

We recommend that all homes receive a pest control treatment each year, and that any properties where dogs or cats have been kept receive an additional flea treatment.

Exterior Cleaning & Garden Tidy Up

Before your tenants move in, please prune overhanging trees or vines, weed the garden beds, take out the garden waste, and mow and edge the lawns. Pressure cleaning any paved areas will give your property some extra curb appeal.


Your property should be secure enough that tenants are able to qualify for contents insurance. Security systems, locks, and keys should all operate properly. At least three copies of any keys, swipe cards, and remote controls should be provided to your property manager. It is your responsibility to ensure that all windows and doors operate properly and that all locks and keys are adequately functional.


You will need to provide council approved waste bins to your tenant, including a general waste bin, a green waste bin, and a recycling bin.


Any instruction manuals or directions on appliance use should be passed on to your property manager and communicated to the tenant. This helps to ensure that appliances are used correctly and not damaged.

Strata Owners Corporation

We are legally required to provide a copy of Strata By-Laws should be provided to any tenant residing in a strata unit, villa, or townhouse. If at any time the Strata By-Laws are updated, you must pass on a copy of the revised By-Laws so we can provide them to the tenant. When the property has been leased, we will give the name and contact information of the new tenant to the Owners Corporation and Strata Manager.


We recommend the entire property should undergo a professional pre-tenancy clean. We can help you to solicit a quote and arrange a time for a visit from one of our pre-approved cleaners. Carpets should also be professionally cleaned before tenants move in. At the end of their stay, tenants are required to return the carpet to the condition as when they moved into the property, minus expectable wear and tear. If the property is in good condition before move-in day, it sets a standard of excellence for the tenant to match.

General Safety And Repairs

Before your tenants move into the property, we will make thorough recommendations about maintenance, repairs, and any safety issues that need to be addressed.