Property Depreciation

Are you thinking about property depreciation? If you’re like most property owners, the answer is probably no. Our research shows that nearly 80% of all property owners aren’t taking full advantage of depreciation tax deductions, and that many people simply aren’t aware of the tax deductions that they might be eligible to claim. As one of the premier rental management agencies in Sydney, our goal is to help owners maximise their returns and take advantage of every deduction possible.

Under the authority of the Australian Taxation Office, property owners may claim depreciation credit for both normal wear and tear and damage to equipment assets. BMT Tax Depreciation, specialists in property depreciation, have partnered with Propertico to provide comprehensive tax depreciation schedule. This helpful service describes all of the deductions you can claim for your property, and could save you thousands this tax season.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be taking advantage of your tax deductions this season:

  • Both new and old properties can be eligible for depreciation deductions
  • After adjustment, you may be able to claim missed deductions from the previous two tax returns
  • Most owners are able to claim an average of $5,000 – $10,000 in deductions during just the first financial year

The cost of the tax depreciation schedule is 100% tax deductible, so you won’t lose money by testing your eligibility. Plus, BMT guarantees that you’ll earn double their fee in deductions—or else their service is free. You truly have nothing to lose by taking advantage of this great opportunity!

To request a quote for a tax depreciation schedule, please visit the BMT website. You can also call one of their knowledgeable agents at 1300-728-726 for a no-cost assessment of your likely deductions. You will receive a special reduced fee simply by being a Propertico client!